DoLS Ae Looking for Volunteers!

A project recruiting volunteers needs your help. DoLS are looking for help in gaining volunteers to act as Relevant Persons’ Representatives to support people in Care Homes who have an authorisation to deprive them of their liberty (DoLS) and don’t have anyone suitable to act as their representative (usually it would be a family member or a close friend who would take on this role).


If you think you can help or know somebody who can help please contact:

Nickie Edwards

DoLS Project Officer

Shropshire RCC*

Direct line: 01743 342165


Nickie’s normal working hours are:

Monday to Wednesday 8.30am – 3.30pm

Open Day at 1 and 2 St Peter’s Court

There’s an Open Day on Saturday so that potential buyers can take a look at 1 and 2 St Peter’s Court, next to the Village Hall. Kelly Simpson, from Golden Simpson, has been in touch to say that this is being run by the agents so much as Goulden Simpson like to party in Adderley (and who doesn’t) this time it’s just sales (sigh).

Kelly says, by all means come along and have a nose but it’s not going to be a Prosecco day this time – maybe next time?