Shropshire Parking Consultation

One way or another the proposals from Shropshire Council affect everybody. This is a fundamental change to the way in which parking charges are levied across the County. This affects when you can be charged to park, when you can be charged and how much you can be charged. It is worth making your views heard.

These are the links to the Shropshire parking consultations information

Strong Opinions? You need to respond to this consultation.

The West Mercia Fire Governance Consultation may not be the most appealing title BUT this proposal to merge the governance of the fire services is attracting some strong views from across the West Mercia region. If you do have an opinion you need to make it count by responding to this consultation.

You can find out more by looking at the link below:

West Mercia Fire Governance Consultation

You can also read the full consultation document which includes a two page response form by looking at the link below:

Full Consultation Document 


Road Closure – Repairs Outside Adderley School

Proposed Road Closure: A529 Adderley Road, Market Drayton 27/08/2017

Road to be closed:      A529, Adderley Road, Market Drayton

Grid reference:           365886,340231

Start Date:                    27/08/2017

Duration:                       1 night (20:00-06:00)

Purpose:                        Carriageway patching

Applicant:                     Ringway

Log Number:                 298           

Click the link below to see a PDF of the map:

Log 298

Flowers in the Village

Every village has its unsung heroes and Adderley is no exception. Our thanks, once again, go to Barry Hales for the lovely flowers he provides and maintains around the village. It makes Adderley the place it is and we should applaud, loudly, this amazing contribution to village life.

Parish Council Provides New Benches in the Village

Did you know that the playground is unbelievably well used by children in the village? Just wander by at the end of the school day and you will see parents and children having fun, and that’s the way it should be. For a while now the benches in the play area have been is an increasingly sorry state so we are pleased to have been in a position to provide new benches in this well used facility.

In addition, following requests from the parishioners we have been able to provide a further  bench in the old bus shelter at the junction of Green Bank and Station Road. The steady climb up to this point is challenging for some of our respected older  residents and it’s a pleasure to be able to provide a point of rest in the shelter (despite the lack of buses)

The Speed Checker is Back

People are often surprised by this BUT the Parish Council does not have the power to impose speed restrictions OR to initiate penalties for speed infringements. Whodathunkit!

BUT we can reflect the concerns of residents to the powers that be. To this end we have managed to  secure the use of the speed checker again in order to remind wayward motorists that it’s a 30 mile per hour zone on Green Bank AND to collect data on the number of infringements. This we can use to make our case for some official enforcement.

So keep your eyes open, watch your speed and let’s see what the speed checker says:

Picture by Marius Coulon

Bowling Club Mid Season Team Report

With three of the four leagues we compete in now at the half way stage in the season the following is a quick summary.

A team:  4th out of 14 in division 1. Team in last 16 of Doubles Cup.

B team: 8th out of 14 in division 3. Team in last 12 of consolation Doubles Cup.

C team: 10th out of 14 in Division 6. This is a good performance so far as it is the team with most youngsters and newcomers in. Also one player who is top of the division averages.

Market Drayton Seniors:

A team: Top of Division 1. Five players in top 10 division averages. In last 8 of Eric Dobson Cup.

B team: 7th out of 10 in Division 1. The only B team in this division. In last 16 of Geoff Brookes Cup

C team; 7th out of 10 in Division 3.

Barlows Seniors League

A team: 12th out of 14 in Division 3. This was the only team originally from Adderley in the Barlows league.

B team: 4th out of 14 in Division 1. Three players in top 10 of division averages.

NOTES: The Market Drayton league in which we have three teams is not at the half way stage until 10th July.

A very successful Crazy bowls and Barbeque event was held in the afternoon of the 1st July. Thanks to all of the village for their support.