A Warning From Neighbourhood Watch


At 3:45 today a Adderley lady was followed and chased along the canal, between Bridge 69 and Drayton.

The male was in his 20’s

Very pastey/pale.

Black Woolly hat.

Dark outdoor type clothing – very dark green, or dark brown He was carrying a black ruck sack Jaw length curly brown hair poking out of hat.

And a dark snood covering his nose and mouth He turned back to follow Nikki twice and then when she looked back to see him following again he stood still watching her run away and got on his phone.

This is very concerning and women should be aware.

some other sightings on the canal and there was a post on Norton in Hales Facebook page describing a similar male who exposed himeself to a dog walker.

Both incidents have been reported to the Police.

Please tell people to be aware.

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