Adderley Village Scarecrow Trail

Thank you to Sophie Corner for her brilliant picture of a scarecrow which we have used for the posters and promotion.  Well done Sophie

Thanks to Iain Wilson, Michelle & Sophie Corner and Ken & Sheila Greetham  for being an informal committee to put this event together. Val Nash

The village is holding a Scarecrow Trail for 2 weeks from Friday 17th July and we very much hope that everyone, who can, in the village will take part.  We are all feeling a bit fed up with lockdown and limited lifestyles and a Scarecrow Trail will be something to look forward to. We can all do this from our own home but share with everyone else who follows the Trail.   If you haven’t been involved in a scarecrow trail before we have posted some links to ideas on how to make a scarecrow later in this article.  

Just to reassure you, we will not be promoting the trail outside the community, it will be very much for our village community, as we know that many would feel uncomfortable with people walking in the village from elsewhere.  It will not be a competition, so we hope that everyone will feel able to take part and enjoy the experience with no pressure.  

How can I get involved?  We are posting all the details of how to take part below, and there are posters up around the village and full details in the bus shelter for people who are not on the internet.  Please ask neighbours and friends who are housebound, shielding or with limited mobility if they want a copy picking up or printing off here.  We hope that everyone will feel able to take part and are very happy to help anyone who is shielding to set up their scarecrow outside their home if they need some help with this.

Event runs: Friday 17th July to Sunday 2nd August 2020

(Entries must be in by Friday 10th July 2020 and you must notify us if you want your entry to feature on the map we will be producing showing locations of all scarecrows)

Theme for adults entries will be    “2020”

Theme for children will be left open to their imagination

To enter you need to notify us on or before 10th July so we can add your scarecrow to our map for the trail .   We will allocate you with an entry number to display on your scarecrow and that number will be pinned on our map to show where your scarecrow is.  We will also photograph entries and put a gallery on the village website so less mobile folk can enjoy all entries. 

We want everyone to feel they can take part, so no entry is too small   If you are housebound/shielding and want to take part, let us know and we will help you set up your entry safely. 

Safety:We will ask you to place your scarecrow at, near or outside your boundary so that no-one comes on to your property. (please don’t block public rights of way).  People will be reminded to observe social distancing when on the trail and respect others. (We hope to offer places for those who live outside village or down long drives to display their creations so that everyone can enjoy them without invading private space—details will be on website or phone Paul  Nash on 07525 198 927 for more information) or contact him on email at 

*If you need ideas and inspiration for your scarecrow there are lots of ideas on the internet but we have copied a few ideas here for you.

What you need to do next…..

You can enter by:


Phone/Text: Paul Nash on 07525 198 927

Please provide:  Your name; address & postcode and a contact number or email 

On receipt of your entry we will issue you with a Number which we will ask you to display prominently on/near your scarecrow.  These numbers will be placed on a map so that people can find them all.   Some printed copies of the map will be in the bus shelter or you will be able to print your own copy from the adderley website if you prefer

Resources:  Click on these links below to print off 


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