Answers To The Heritage Treasure Trail Quiz

What was the hall used for during the Second World War?

b. Prisoner of war camp

What was the field at the back of the school used for?

c. A golf course

Approximately how many soldiers and nurses stayed at Raven House?

c. 148 soldiers and 610 nurses

The railway line ran between Market Drayton and where?

All of the answers were wrong (we were misinformed) the correct answer is Wellington to Nantwich

On the site of Pool House there is a National Heritage Listed item, what is it?

b. An ice house

When you look across the canal to the right of the farm buildings you can see a large mound of earth what is it?

c. A castle hill

How many times did Frank Butter win the Ritchie Rose Bowl in the National Best Kept Lock competition?

a. 3 times

What is the age of the oldest VISIBLE GRAVESTONE in the churchyard?

c. 1763