Covid-19 In Adderley Parish

You have no doubt heard that there are a number of cases of Covid-19 in Adderley Parish. There has been a tendency to enjoy the bubble afforded by the lovely rural setting in which we are lucky enough to live but we need to be extra cautious and observe the official guidelines. Below are some links that might help.

UPDATE: Additional information on testing from Shropshire Council:

The NHS website also has links to:

  • Getting a test,
  • Children with symptoms.
  • Testing
  • Isolating
  • People at higher risk

Shropshire Council’s website also has links to:

  • Working safely
  • Shopping safely
  • Guidance for business
  • Advice on cleaning is updated with the latest news but also has links to:

  • Financial support
  • Businesses and self employed
  • Schools, education and childcare
  • Travel and transport

Look out for neighbours who might need help because they are too nervous to go out. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

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