Need plants or supplies for your garden? Here’s the local solution.

Gardening is something we all focus on at this time of year, but its the time of year when we normally flock to our local garden centres to pick up those vital items that make our summer gardens all we want them to be.  With those garden centres closed, you may be wondering what to do. 

Never fear, help is at hand from Westholme Nurseries in Woore.  They are running on a skeleton staff but are trying their best to fulfil delivery of orders if you telephone them.  Having spoken to them they have asked that you telephone with a card payment, NOT email orders. Telephone Number is:  01630 647289  The offer is basic but helpful:

  • vegetable plants,
  • compost, canes etc
  • bird feed,
  • weedkiller/plant food etc from the shop.  
  • No Shrubs can be supplied but bedding plants should be available from the end of April. 
  • Minimum fee for an order will be £20 so if you only need a small amount we suggest you team up with a neighbour for delivery to one address.

The phone lines are open from 9am – 3pm each day, and if the line is engaged please leave your number and they will call you.  From 3- 5pm they are busy sorting out the orders for delivery.  If you are on Facebook follow this link to their page where there is a list of all the vegetable plants that you can order. 

Orders will be delivered to your door. 

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