We Need Your Help

The speed sign has disappeared from Green Bank! It’s in for repair. It’s been damaged by persons unknown.

I don’t think that there is any doubt that the speed sign has been a great asset in our fight to get people driving sensibly through Adderley both on Green Bank and on the A529. Not only does it provide a reminder to drive within the speed limit but it has provided us with the necessary statistics to underpin our argument for  better road design and road improvements through the village.

Unfortunately this is, by it’s very nature, a vulnerable piece of equipment and it has been damaged by somebody trying to rip off the solar panel that keeps it charged. They failed but in the process they have damaged the connections. 

We need your help. Please, keep an eye open for people acting suspiciously and messing around with the sign (when it returns). Simply call the police and let’s see if we can stop this and protect our sign. 

A quick heads up for Simon Cornwall who is repairing the sign as you read this. Many thanks Simon.

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