Where’s a Dog Poo Fairy When You Need It

Perhaps the Dog Poo Fairy is in lockdown? Who Knows? Or maybe their isn’t such a thing as a Dog Poo Fairy!

Truth is dog poo is reappearing on the pavements and pathways in Adderley, particularly along Green Bank although the canal tow path is getting its fair share. There are dog poo bins! There’s one at the end of Green Bank and there’s one on Hawks Moor near the bridge and there’s another one on the bridge at the other end of the tow path walk. 

We can’t very well blame the users of the canal, because they’re not there so we have to look to ourselves. Is it fair that the vast majority of responsible dog owners clear up their mess and yet the odd one or two feel that it’s okay to leave the mess, on the path for somebody else to step in. Besides, it isn’t nice to look at, is it?

So can we ask that if it’s you could you please take a little bag with you, pick up the dog poo and put it in the bin provided. Thank you.

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