The View From The Church

Adderley’s historic Church, St Peter’s had it’s open day today and some of the rarely seen wonders were open to the public not least the amazing view from the Church tower.

Pictures by Marius Coulon

Parish Council’s Response To The West Midlands Police Commissioner

Earlier this year Parish Council’s in the West Midlands were asked to respond to a survey by the Police Commissioner. We are fortunate in that we live in a low crime area however, when crimes do occur we suffer from the low level of resourcing that affects our Police Officers in Market Drayton. The response of the Parish Council is below and it reflects our lack of confidence in levels of policing.

Response to Parish Council Police Survey

BBQ and Crazy Bowls

Saturday 30th June, 2:00 pm. Adderley Bowling Club

Adults £3, Children £1.50

Burgers, Bar and Laughs – what more could you ask?

Your chance to have a go – no bowling skills required! This is a fun afternoon for all villagers and friends. Why not come along and join in.

Friday is Coffee Morning.

Our last coffee morning was a humungous success! (Is that how you spell humungous? Is humungous even a word?). The next coffee morning is on Friday 25th May. £1.50 gets you coffee, cake and great conversation. It’s kid friendly so bring friends and family.