Re-opening The Playground

At the last Council meeting we decided to not open until there had been further relaxation of COVID restrictions. Based on the current requirements we would have to put in a cleaning regime and make sanitising available. In addition it would be very difficult to monitor.  

By not cutting the grass acts as a deterrent for using the playground. 

The Village Hall committee has agreed to keep the Hall closed for the time being. The situation is being monitored  and the Village Hall committee will address this again in August. If things change with the guidelines set by the government the Village Hall committee and the Parish Council will bring the review forward. 

Norton In Hales Veg Stall

For those people making use of the veg stall at Norton In Hales be aware that opening times are now Thursdays only. Please tell friends and neighbours if they have been getting their weekly supplies there.

One More Time! Clap for the NHS

Damien Hirst Rainbow picture

The NHS is 72 years old! It is proposed that there will be a nationwide Clap for the NHS tonight at 17:00. 

This is another opportunity to think about carers, support workers, shop assistants, delivery drivers and local authority workers who have helped to make life possible over the 100 days since lockdown began.

More information from the BBC