Annual Parish Meeting

You are invited to this year’s ADDERLEY ANNUAL PARISH MEETING which is being held virtually via a Zoom Webinar on WEDNESDAY 21st April 2021 starting at 7.30 pm

An opportunity to be involved in and updated about:

  • A529 Road Improvements & Speed Concerns Group
  • Three Parish Neighbourhood Plan
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scheme & Smart Water Project

All residents welcome to this meeting about your Parish.

Because of pandemic restrictions we cannot meet in the village hall so we are holding this year’s parish meeting virtually. You can use the link below to join the meeting. 

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 810099

Please ensure that when you join the meeting your video should be turned off and your microphone on mute.

At the bottom of the screen you should see a questions icon. Click this and you will be able to submit questions when requested.

The Stone Snake

Despite the cold, the wet and the snow Sophie braved the elements to begin the stone snake on the village green. An amazing array of all of the painted stones that were made for the Easter stone hunt plus the ones that didn’t make it into the hunt because we had so many.

If you’ve been inspired to paint your own stone please feel free to add it to the snake. Let’s see if we can make it stretch all around the tree.

Adderley Parish Council

The Parish Council of Adderley has expressed their sadness at the death of Prince Philip, Councillor Marius Coulon said:

“On behalf of the Councillors, Clerk and residents of Adderley I wish to express the great sadness felt here at the news of the death of Prince Philip. Our thoughts are with the Royal Family at this time.”

If residents would like to express their thoughts, a link to the Online Condolence Book – to be found at

Making The Most Of The Weekend

We’re getting some truly gorgeous pictures from people who have loved the stone hunt over the Easter weekend. the Sinclaire sisters and Sebastian and his little brother. We’ve added them to the Spring Fun gallery below.

We have also had some lovely comments sent via the FB page and e-mails. thank you to everybody who took time to reach out.

Reminder: there are still ten easter eggs to give away so get those clue sheets in. Even if you didn’t find all of the stones you may till have enough to win an egg.

We Have 10 Easter Eggs As Prizes

The response to the painted stone hunt has been amazing. We have had to take extra maps and clues down to the Book Shelter today. We are also starting to get pictures from people and we have a lovely picture of Sophie from Corrine which we’ve added to the Spring Fun gallery. Please send us some more pictures of your stone hunt or pictures of you with Peter Rabbit.

Did you know that there are 10 Easter Eggs to give away as prizes! All you have to do is put your completed clues sheet into the little posting box in the Book Shelter next to Peter Rabbit. Prizes will go to the first 10 out of the box with the most stones found. Make sure you put in the What3words answers.

We also have a small box of very nice chocolates for the first adult to find the most stones. You have until next Friday to answer the clues and we will start to empty the box every day from tomorrow (Tuesday). Happy hunting!

Spring Fun

Adderley shines again and we’ve met people, adults and children, hunting for stones and finding eggs. Excited or what! We’re started to get pictures and we really like that. Special thanks to Ken Greetham for a stunning spring image of daffodils in the spring sunshine at St Peter’s Church round the sun dial.

Now, have you spotted Peter Rabbit’s friends jumping into their holes? Look carefully, there are three of them near the village green. Many thanks to Val Nash and Corrine for the pictures and an extra special thanks to Chris Shaw for providing the disappearing bunnies.


We’ve heard the people are taking pictures of themselves with Peter Rabbit. It would be lovely if you could share them with us and we will add them to the gallery.

Just send them to: .

Hooray! Today’s The Day!

Picture of Stones

All the painted stones are in their hiding places waiting to be discovered. We hope that you have fun doing the hunt and if you do discover a bonus chocolate egg on the trail thank Peter Rabbit.

Don’t forget to download the What3words app onto your phone to answer the clues If you want to know more about it click here:

There are copies of the map and clues in the Book Shelter at the end of Rectory Lane and you return your completed clue sheet to the post box at the shelter.

If you would prefer to download a copy please click below:

A reminder to leave the stones as you find them please do not spoil the hunt for those that follow you.

The hunt is live from Friday 2nd April until Friday 9th April.

Happy Hunting!

Message from Peter Rabbit

Picture of Stones

Very excited, after we spoke to Peter this morning down at the Book Shelter, he got back in touch to say he loved the idea of the Painted Stone Hunt and that he’d spoken to his cousin the Easter Bunny and wanted to ask us a favour,  so of course we said yes!   

Apparently the Easter Bunny thinks he is going to have a few small eggs left over from the Easter Egg Hunts around the world and has asked Peter and friends if they would be willing to accept them.  Peter’s had a chat with his mates and they’ve said they will do the Painted Stone Trail and drop the odd egg off if they find the hiding place of a stone.  We were bit worried about covid rules but he assures us that they all have rabbit sized disposable gloves and will wear these when they put the eggs out and they all regularly sanitize their paws too.  How good is that? 

So we don’t know when the eggs will be out but if you are one of the lucky people who finds a stone just after a rabbit has been by – you can add it to your Easter Egg collection!    Peter says not all the rabbits will hunt at the same time, they are very busy doing other things like digging burrows, but they will definitely be out at different times over the Easter weekend so lots of chances to pick up an extra egg if you do the hunt.    He’s shown us a photo of the eggs they will be leaving and assures me that they are very tasty (he had a lot of chocolate around his mouth so I believe he has been taste testing!)