Last Chance For Tickets

This is the last chance to get your tickets for Saturday’s Grand Ceilidh! This will be an evening of fun for both adults and children as we turn our minds (and bodies) to a barn dance.

We have the services of the excellent Cuckoo Ale Band and to keep up your energy levels there will be a simple ploughman’s plus the bar will be open. So if you haven’t got your tickets yet this is the last chance.

It really is a not to be missed event. Click the link below to get your tickets. Adults £15 and children £5. You will be offered a chance to get your children’s ticket when you select your adult tickets.

Digital Shropshire

The Parish Council has received the following message from Digital Shropshire. You may wish to follow this up.


My name is Nirvana, and I am reaching out on behalf of School of Coding. We are pleased to inform you about a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Shropshire.

In collaboration with Shropshire Council, we are offering a series of free NOCN accredited courses aimed at enhancing skills and fostering personal development within our community. These courses cover a diverse range of subjects and are designed to provide valuable learning experiences.

To provide you with more detailed information, we have attached a leaflet outlining the courses and their benefits. We kindly ask for your assistance in spreading the word about this opportunity among your network and community. Your support will help us reach individuals who may greatly benefit from these courses.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of Shropshire residents.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We sincerely appreciate your support in sharing this valuable opportunity.

Nirvana Atwal

Digital Shropshire Team Leader 

School of Coding- UK’s Largest Coding Educator 

Head Office : Unit 8 – 8B Newton Court, Pendeford Business Park, Wolverhampton WV9 5HB

Tel: 01902 509 209


Last week we posted information about communications from BT saying that they thought we were leaving them for another supplier. We later learned that people with Sky were also affected by these spurious e-mails. If you missed it you can read the piece here.

We contacted BT who said they didn’t know who had requested the change (companies can do that?) but they had cancelled it. Then on Wednesday we had a letter through the post telling us, again, that we were leaving BT. We contacted them again and, yes, the system said we were leaving to a company called IVS, who don’t seem to exist. This time we escalated, got an apology and reassurances that it was definitely cancelled.

What happened next? We were put in touch with OfCOM. They told us that the practice was called Slamming where a third party cancelled your line without your permission and then offers you a new service. How can this happen? OfCOM are now investigating. If you have been a victim of this Slamming you are urged to contact OfCOM 0207 981 3040. They were very helpful and have promised a response in the next 5 days. We wait and see.

Coffee Morning This Saturday 24th

Oh! We are so late to the gate this month! Well, what can we say, it’s a short month and it’s been soooo busy. Thanks to our amazing volunteers coffee morning is on this Saturday. £2.50 gets you coffee or tea and cake or biscuits plus lots of conversation with friends and neighbours. What’s not to like.

So see you Saturday 10:30 till 12:00 and why not bring along a friend or two. Adderley Village Hall 10:30. Go on, spoil yourself.

Market Drayton Survey

Market Drayton Town Council has appointed The Retail Group to undertake a study with the objectives of – identifying the health of Market Drayton Town Centre, identify the issues and future opportunities available and ways to support and improve the town centre for the benefit of residents, visitors and the businesses that operate in it.

As a key nominated local stakeholder, we are keen to include your views, opinions and improvement aspirations as an input into the study.

We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete the attached survey and return it direct to me, by next Monday 26 February.

You can choose from three options for completing it …

  * Complete and return it electronically (using Outlook on a PC is best). The tick box options are ‘clickable’. Or,

* If it’s easier / quicker, please print it, hand write your responses and then send a scan of completed document back to me. Or,

* Print it, hand write your responses and then take a photo of both pages of your completed survey with your phone, and then text or

WhatsApp the image(s) back to me on my mobile number below.

We look forward to receiving your responses, all of which will be treated as totally confidential.

Don’t hesitate to email or call if you have any further queries.

With best regards in the meantime.


MIKE EVANS | Director

THE RETAIL GROUP | Dunnings Oak Offices | Dunnings Road | East Grinstead

| RH19 4AT

E: | T: +44 (0) 7753 824041 | W:

This Is NOT A Scam

When we received the following e-mail from BT our first thought was “It’s a scam” but it included our account number and an accurate reflection of charges. So we phoned BT. BT said they didn’t know anything about it but confirmed that someone, they didn’t know who, had applied to transfer our line from BT to themselves. To ease the transfer of telephone lines between suppliers it’s possible for a third party to transfer a telephone service without going directly to the current supplier. This is what has happened in this case. But who? The only clue was the acronym WLR!

WLR refers to Wholesale Line Removal and it’s part of the Big WLR switch off and refers to the removal of PSTN as BT changes over to an all fibre network.  It’s our guess, and it’s only a guess, that as part of the change to full fibre to the home somebody has flagged these lines as ready to be changed over and the software has issued the e-mail.

Don’t ignore this message. IT applies not only to BT but also to any service provider who uses BT circuits and that’s pretty much all of them. If you are somebody who only checks e-mail once a week then we suggest you check your e-mails. Then contact your service provider. We know of at least one other person in Adderley who has received an e-mail and they were with Sky.

If possible, let us know and we will see if this is a problem across the whole of Adderley or just one or two customers. Just drop us a line to

A Grand Ceilidh

The Cuckoo Ale Band are coming back to Adderley for a Grand Ceilidh on Saturday March 2nd. Tickets £15 for Adults and £5 for children under 11. Price includes a simple ploughmans. Bar will be open.

Click the link below for tickets. Children under 11 tickets available when you purchase the adult tickets.

If you’ve never done this before then it’s time you had a go. Bev Langton is a caller par excellence and this is a perfect family night out for parents, grandparents and children. The Cuckoo Ale Band provide excellent music for all to enjoy. Check them out here: