Puddings And Prosecco

A great time was had by all on Friday night at the Puddings and Prosecco evening. Sheila Greetham has sent us some pictures.


Thank you to everyone who came to the Puddings & Prosecco Evening last Friday night.  We had a very successful event, and a fantastic range of puddings with plenty of prosecco to go with them.  Many thanks to everyone who supported it, in any way, but especially to everyone who made and donated the delicious puddings, making the night such a sweet success!!  Thank you also to Adderley Village Hall Committee for allowing us to use the Hall whilst it’s going through a fabulous “makeover”.

Thank you all 😊

Our next social/fundraiser will be on Wednesday 1st September with the “MicWire” singers plus special guests.  This is being held in the beautiful, old part of St Peter’s Church,  acclaimed by professional musicians for its fantastic acoustics.  If you’ve never been in there before & heard live music, now’s your chance!  Put the date in your diary & look out for further promotion nearer the time!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again

Recycling News From Shropshire Council

Households in the Shropshire Council area will soon be able to request an additional wheelie bin for recycling their cans, glass and plastic at the kerbside, following Cabinet approval of the plans at their meeting last week (Wednesday 21 July 2021.)

The bin – which would be optional – would replace the existing black recycling boxes, and help to increase the amount of waste recycled in Shropshire by providing households with a larger container.

It would also reduce the amount of waste lost to the recycling process after being blown out of the boxes on windy days.

It would make the storage of recycling more convenient for residents, and reduce the amount of bending and lifting for residents and waste and recycling crews.

A series of FAQ’s have been pulled together to help answer any queries.

We are pleased to say this change to our recycling process has so far received a very positive response from the public and we will be communicating directly with residents more about the scheme and how they can request an extra bin, although we do not expect this to begin unto later in the year.

Assuming that just over 140,000 households (96.7%) request a bin, the total cost of providing them would be £2.93m. If funded from the council’s capital budget it would first need a change to the council’s Capital Strategy, which would need to be approved at a meeting of the full Council.

Ian Nellins, Cabinet member with responsibility for waste and recycling, said

“This really is great news for Shropshire residents, which I’m sure will be well received.

“The provision of a bin for recycling is a direct response to residents’ comments and requests – and is a pledge we made in our election manifesto earlier this year.

“We know it’s something that many people want, and it’s something that will help us to boost the amount of waste that is recycled in Shropshire.

“It won’t be compulsory to have a bin. Some people may not have room for one, or may prefer to keep using their kerbside boxes, but we’re confident that many people will want to take up this opportunity.”

Some households may not want a bin due to housing layout or the lack of storage space for the bin. These residents would be able to continue to use their existing waste containers as will those residents who simply prefer to use boxes.

It’s estimated that a rollout of the scheme would be completed in around six months from an order being placed with the manufacturer.

The bin would be 240 litres, the same as those in standard use for general and garden waste. It will be a  different colour, to differentiate it from the other bins in use.

Residents would be encouraged to retain and re-use the existing collection boxes for different purposes.

A customer satisfaction survey for the waste service conducted in 2018 included the question “What would make it easier to recycle at home?”. 45% of the responses stated that this would be achieved by the use of a wheeled bin for recycling.

Further to this local interest, the latest government recycling tables for English local authorities covering 2019/20, show that all of the top five performing Councils (Three Rivers, Vale of White Horse, South Oxfordshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, and St. Albans) use a bin for collecting dry recycling.

In 2019/20 Veolia collected 14,250 tonnes of plastics, glass, and metals from the kerbside in the Shropshire Council area.

Puddings & Prosecco Evening

Bottles of Prosecco


Puddings & Prosecco Evening

Friday 30th July 2021

Adderley Village Hall 7.30pm

enjoy a selection of delicious puddings and a couple of glasses of bubbly 

(non alcoholic alternative available)

£10/ticket available from

Sheila 01630 654930

Priscilla 01630  655575

Proceeds in aid of 

St Peter’s Church, Adderley

It’s About Taking Part

The most enormous thank you to everybody who took part in the Scarecrow Trail this year. The weather wasn’t always our friend but there were wonderful scarecrows and people who went to see had a lovely time. Here are some of the lovely comments that we received:

  1. Just wanted to say that all the scarecrows look great and we have loved doing the trail
  2. There are so many fab scarecrows this year.  Well done for keeping it going I’m sure everyone is getting enjoyment from them
  3. I just wanted to say thankyou to you and the team for organising the scarecrow trail.  After only moving here a few months ago our kiddos have already made so many lovely childhood memories.  Thank you for your thought and all the hard work.
  4. Hi, we have been on a little stroll with the dogs and everyone has made such an effort with the scarecrows – love living here!
  5. Just done the trail with the grandchildren and they have had so much fun working out what each one is – thank you everyone its been great
  6. We’ve had family over for the first time since before lockdown and they have loved the scarecrows and doing the trail.  Thank you to everyone who made such an effort!

Even something as simple as a scarecrow trail can make a big difference to a lot of people so whether you made a scarecrow or whether you just went around and supported give yourselves a round of applause you are amazing.

The galleries are complete. You can find them here:

We think we caught everybody’s scarecrow but if we didn’t (sorry) let us know and (better still) send us a picture and we will add it in.

Did You Go? Did You See?

Who went down to St Peter’s on Sunday (St Peter’s Day) to have a look around the church and enjoy a scone and a cup of something? We did and it was amazing. Not only did they have a great scarecrow but there was time to have a look at the part of the church that is usually closed up and to take in some of the history.

Did you know that there are memorials to the Needhams (Viscount Kilmorey) and the Corbet family in Adderley Church? John de Nedeham from Cheshire was MP for London. He was also Justice of Chester and Flint and Sergent at Law and Justice of Lancaster. He took the lease from a John Marston for the manor of Shavington and lands of Shavington, Pylesdon, Hole, Wylaston, Mylneheth, Twemlow, Adderly and Botestoen at a rent of £12 3s 4d (13s and 4d is about 65p). He so liked Shavington that he purchased in in 1461.

One of John’s relatives, Robert Needham, was knighted in 1594 and became Sherrif of Shropshire 1606 and was mad Viscount Kilmorey in 1625 by King Charles 1st.

This is why we have memorials to Needhams and Kilmoreys in Adderley Church. More recently the Corbet Family lived in Adderley and it is the Corbets that created the trust which allows us to use the land where there is the Village Hall, the bowling green and the play area.

St Peter’s Day

June 27th and it’s St Peter’s Day. Adderley Church and its school both have the name of St Peter one of the twelve apostles who was also known as the Rock so it’s a big day in the life of our historic church.

Follow the scarecrow trail down to the church and you can see a scarecrow portraying one of the stories of St Peter. While you’re there treat yourself to a cream tea and take time out to look around this grade one listed building.

If you intend to take a look around the church please remember to wear a mask and follow the social distancing rules.

Away We Go

One by one the scarecrows are appearing. There seem to be a lot of hungry caterpillars but they’re all amazing. Well done everybody! Looking forwards to seeing more as we go through the weekend.

Maps are now available at the book shelter.

The Cat In The Hat

Cat in the hat scarecrow

The Cat In The Hat has launched the Adderley Scarecrow Trail – brilliant! It’s a wet start so if your scarecrow isn’t waterproof (ours isn’t!) Then it might be worth while waiting until in the morning (we will).

In the meantime maps of the scarecrow trail to download are linked below and printed maps will go into the book shelter at the end of Rectory Lane in the morning.

Have Fun.