Re-opening The Playground

At the last Council meeting we decided to not open until there had been further relaxation of COVID restrictions. Based on the current requirements we would have to put in a cleaning regime and make sanitising available. In addition it would be very difficult to monitor.  

By not cutting the grass acts as a deterrent for using the playground. 

The Village Hall committee has agreed to keep the Hall closed for the time being. The situation is being monitored  and the Village Hall committee will address this again in August. If things change with the guidelines set by the government the Village Hall committee and the Parish Council will bring the review forward. 

Images From Adderley Village Hall

Two new pictures taken at the Village Hall:

The updated noticeboard with rainbows for the NHS, Carers and Key Workers and the VE Day flag looking good against the blue sky. Some very nice person has put bunting and flags round the bus shelter book bank – brilliant!

The flags for the bus shelter and Village Hall were provided by the Parish Council


Well Done Adderley!

The Christmas Carols Round The Village raised an astonishing £370 this year for Hope House! Wowzers! This was one of our best year’s so far so an enormous thank you to the hardy few who tramped the streets in the cold and the dark and brought a little Christmas cheer – not always tunefully – to the lovely residents of Adderley.

An extra thank you this year to the people of Adderley Barns who made us so welcome and treated us to mince pies and mulled wine as well as giving so generously. A further thank you to John Fishburn and his family who once again gave us Christmas cheer in a glass of port. We also had chocolates in Green Bank and homemade wines and cake from Hugh in Corbett Drive.

A final thank you to Adderley Village Hall and the bar volunteers who gave us mince pies and welcome respite at the end of the evening.