We really do need to know y’know!

You have probably made up your mind to come to the Strawberry Cream Tea on 21st July at Adderley Halt. It’s a worthwhile fundraiser and who can resist strawberry cream tea?

But we really, really do need to know if you’re coming so we get the right amount of strawberries and cream and well…… tea. So let us know it’s easy, EITHER

  1.  scroll down the page to the link “Yes please I’d like to come and enjoy strawberry cream tea.”
  2. Drop down the page a little way and put in how many of you are coming
  3. Add your e-mail address so that you will get your reminder and then click Confirm RSVP. (Don’t worry we won’t keep your e-mail or use it for any marketing or anything at all really).

OR, if you prefer:

  1. Go to the Adderley Parish Facebook Page
  2. Drop down to “Upcoming Events”
  3. Click on “Interested” 
  4. that’s all there is to it but drop us a message to say how many are coming in your party.

Don’t delay, let us know asap and we’ll organise those strawberries and cream right away.

Christingle – Countdown To Christmas – Sunday December 2nd

Christmas is always a special time for the whole family and in Adderley we like to think we keep a good Christmas.

Watch out for details of carols round the village and the Christmas Eve Carol Service at St Peters followed by mince pies and a get together.

Now it’s Christingle. This year it’s in aid of The Children’s Society – no child should feel alone. Why not come along to the special service for all the Family and take away your very own Christingle!

Arrangements For Armistice Day

Remembrance Sunday is this Sunday the 11th of November and will be a very special day: It  commemorates the The Armistice  that ended the  1st World War and this Sunday falls on the 11th hour of the 11th month just as it did 100 years ago.

Irrespective of faith please come to St Peter’s Adderley for the 10 am service  to honour all the soldiers who fought in this horrific war.

Harvest Supper 2018

Monday night saw everybody enjoy a great Harvest Supper at Adderley Village Hall. Lovely food prepared by the amazing volunteers and an entertaining auction on behalf of St Peter’s Church with the donated food and flowers going to the highest bidder.

Photographs by Marius Coulon