Village Hall

Booking Secretary
Ken Greetham
Ken Greetham
Carol Weaver
Geryl Cope
Membership Secretary
Wendy Icke

Snooker Representative

James Parsons
Bowling Club
iain wilson
Other Committee Members
Kim Archer
Phil Gadd
Sheila Greetham
Ed Madden
Val Nash
Andrew Swindale
Carol Weaver
Ben Wrathall

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Village Hall

The village hall is at the centre of the community, serving as meeting place, social club, licensed premises, function room and school hall.

There are a number of regular activities  and you can look at the Events Calendar for details. Snooker players have a club night on Thursday evenings, and our fortnightly whist drives are also on Thursdays. The hall is regularly booked for children’s parties, many of which make use of the playground, and it is the ideal venue to celebrate christenings, anniversaries birthdays etc. See the booking form at the bottom of this page.

During the summer the bar is open four evenings a week, and is in regular use by bowlers, but in the winter we only open on Thursday evenings from 8.00 – 11.00 p.m. Why not come along and join us for a drink?


We continue to be indebted to Barry Hales for maintaining the beautiful tubs of flowers along the front of the building.

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