Mobile Library Newsflash

We are grateful to Jon Bernardes for letting us know that the mobile library service has been suspended until further notice. We will  update you with any further information if and when it becomes available. The mobile library will not be at the road by the Rectory Lane junction with the A529 for the foreseeable future.

Green Bin Collection In Adderley

The following information has been received from Shropshire Council:

Dear Councillors,

I am writing to inform you of disruption today to the garden/food waste collection service for some properties in your division. Veolia’s Wem depot has had a significant number of Covid 19 cases and self-isolation which has meant that some garden waste collection rounds will not be completed today. I have listed the areas below and also attached a spreadsheet which lists all post codes affected, although that list is long and rather cumbersome.

This information will also be distributed via the Council’s website and social media channels.


Our advice to any residents affected is to bring their bin back in and present it again in their next scheduled collection day in two weeks time. I will keep you posted about any further developments as information becomes available.               

Areas Affected:


Quizmas Is The New Festive Fundraiser

We have had a lovely letter care of Iain Wilson thanking everybody for their efforts in raising £470 for Hope House this Christmas. You can read the letter below and a BIG Thank You to everybody who participated either by taking part or by helping to organise. An extra special Thank You to Chelsey and Stuart “The Vocal Couple” who hosted the event from Cyprus. Well done everybody!

The Adderley Year

As we get to New Year we wanted to say a special thank you to all of the people who have made life in Adderley so special in this year of pandemic and lockdown. Some of them you all know and some work quietly away in the background. 

Despite the restrictions of lockdown we have had an amazing year with things to enjoy that have brought us together as a community. People have had flowers to enjoy round the village and the surrounding countryside has provided us with a lovely environment. The Book Shelter has become a place to swap and share – someone has kept it tidy and safe. The WhatsApp group has helped people with shopping and prescriptions and there are all those people who have shouted over the fence: “Are you alright?” just to make sure.

Hopefully, by this time next year things will be closer to normal though we suspect that many of the things that have happened this year will become regular features of the village calendar.

The people who have quietly organised in the background are too many to mention but they know who they are and we thank them all. In the meantime we hope you will enjoy the video which picks up some of the highlights of 2020, the year in lockdown.


Could you share the Quizmas Quiz with your family & friends to raise even more for Hope House?

The Adderley Quizmas raised an amazing £450 for Hope House Childrens Hospice – thank you to everyone who took part.  However, we have thought of a way to make this an even bigger donation if you are interested.

We wondered if you would like a copy of the quiz to share with family and friends and raise even more?  We’ve posted a link to the full quiz here on this page – just click to open the quiz and you can share it with loved ones as a bit of a challenge and some fun. 

Our only request is that you make a small donation to Hope House via this link   If you can reference Quizmas in your donation that would be great too but if not, just the fact that you are doing this would be an amazing thing for this wonderful charity.   To find out more about the wonderful work they do click on the video on Slide 3 in the quiz to hear Kat from Hope House talking about some of the amazing things they do for families in Shropshire.  

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN.  The more people who know about this, the more chance there is that we can raise even more for Hope House.  Thank you very much. When you see the file click on the download button on the toolbar.

Click Here To Download Quiz

Special Information For Christmas

It’s going to be an odd sort of Christmas in Lockdown but we hope that everybody has the best time possible especially if Santa is visiting your house this year.

Let us not forget people who live close to us. We are grateful to Hannah Platts who sent us lots of ideas for making sure that neighbours were okay over the festive season though the new lockdown rules mean that we need to take care. Please take time to give neighbours a call to make sure they’re okay; give them a wave or shout Merry Christmas over the fence.

We have posted some useful emergency information here:  

We will update this if any new information becomes available. In the meantime, keep safe, have fun and enjoy this special time of year.

Saying Au Revoir To Postie Pete

Pete Blasè has been Postman to Adderley Village for over 25 years. He’s now taking a well deserved retirement though he tells us that he’s not going to be idle but out and about doing things.

We managed to catch him on his last round in the village and we presented him with cards and a small token of appreciation from the Parish Council.

I’m sure we all wish him the very best.


Paul Nash Giving Peter Blasè His Thank You Cards

Adderley Autumn

It’s December 21st tomorrow is the first day of winter and there’s only 4 sleeps to Christmas Day! It’s been a grey damp shortest day of the year as we settle into Christmas lockdown. So as a reminder of just how amazing Adderley can be we thought you would like to sample one or two of the images from the last couple of months and hope that it might cheer up somebody on this, the longest night.

Many of the images were taken on smart phones so if you ever have a favourite image that you want to share why not send it into the website either through the Adderley Village FB page or through email to