Adderley Peacocks!

Found! Two male peacocks sitting on Cllr Mycock’s roof.

Any ideas? If so could you let the owner know.

They don’t seem to be doing any harms though the local Jackdaws are a little confused. There is some local concern that they might want to welcome the dawn loudly otherwise we’re sure that the true owner would like to be reunited with them.

A53 Road Closures May to June

  1. ROAD CLOSURE: A53 Tern Hill to Market Drayton

START DATE: 23rd May 2019

END DATE: 11th June 2019

PURPOSE: Surface dressing of carriageway.

23/05/19 20:00-06:00 Stud removal – 1 night

30/05/19-01/06/19 09:30-16:00 Surface dressing

06-07/06/19 20:00-06:00 Stud replacement and lining works – 2 nights

  1. ROAD CLOSURE: A53 Tern Hill to Muller roundabout, Market Drayton

START DATE: 23rd May 2019

END DATE: 8th June 2019

PURPOSE: Surface dressing of carriageway.

23-24/05/19 20:00-06:00 Stud removal – 1 night

30/05/19-01/06/19 09:30-16:00 Surface dressing

06-08/06/19 20:00-06:00 Stud replacement and lining works – 2 nights

  1. ROAD CLOSURE: A53 Muller roundabout to Market Drayton

START DATE: 24th May 2019

END DATE: 12th June 2019

PURPOSE: Surface dressing of carriageway.

24-25/05/19 20:00-06:00 Stud removal – 1 night.

30/05/19-01/06/19 09:30-16:00 Surface dressing.

10-12/06/19 20:00-06:00 Stud replacement and lining works.



 Please note: These works are very weather dependent and the dates are

subject to change. Surface dressing should be complete by 30/05/19 and

works will not be carried out at the same time as surface dressing on

the A525.

You can view the closure and diversion route by clicking here:

Should you have any queries regarding this closure, please call Customer

Services on 0345 6789006, or contact the Street Works Team on

Countdown To The Village Meeting

It’s the final countdown to the Village Meeting next Wednesday April 24th at 8:00 pm. This is the annual update by the Parish Council so that everybody knows what we are doing. How do we spend the precept? What activities are we undertaking on your behalf? How are we representing Adderley to the outside world?

Did you know that Adderley Parish Council has the power of competence? A legal term meaning that we all came into the council at the last election and our Parish Clerk is fully qualified. So we can make decisions about how the precept is used for the benefit of the parishioners.

Give up an hour of your time on Wednesday evening and join us for a cup of tea or coffee and hear what we’ve been doing for the last 12 months. Tell us what you think. Let us know what’s missing – we’d love to hear from you. If you are minded then stay for a while afterwards in the Village Hall bar.

2019 Village Meeting – April 24th

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th April 2019 at Adderley Village Hall at 8pm.

Every Year the Parish Council has to inform residents of its activities together with presentations from other local organisations.

Come and join us for tea and coffee and catch up on the latest developments. The bar will be open for other refreshments.

Public Transport Consultation

Shropshire Council is holding a consultation regarding its proposals for the organisation of public transport in Shropshire. This affects all bus services and the park and ride service in Shrewsbury. Below are the details of the consultation and a link to the relevant page on the Council’s website.

The below link will take you directly to the page on the Shropshire Council website where you will find this consultation:

Open Forum Number 2!

After a promising afternoon session which yielded a good discussion and a number of ideas for the Neighbourhood Plan the evening session was subdued as the dark windy evening deterred people from going out. For those who did turn out the experts from Apt were on hand to answer questions and some interesting ideas have made it into the mix. A big thank you to all who came.

Next week sees the final open forum of this series at Norton In Hales.

Moreton Say Hosts Open Forum Number One!

Very good night at Moreton Say last night for the first of the Neighbourhood Plan open forums. During the evening between fifteen and twenty people enjoyed tea, coffee and cake before a quick briefing from Lawrence of Apt then one to one Q & A.

There were large maps covering landscape, amenity space, listed buildings and the Parish Profile. This gave people lots to discuss.

This afternoon at 2:00 and tonight at 8:00 it’s the turn of Adderley. Apt will be there again together with Renee from the Community Charity. There’s an update on where we are and all of the maps plus, at the evening event, a chance to talk to the experts about the Neighbourhood Plan.

We look forwards to seeing you and hearing your thoughts and opinions. don’t forget, bring a friend or a neighbour especially if they haven’t been to one before!