Something New In The Village

The Information Board has arrived.

It’s hard to remember a time before Coronavirus and it’s hard to think of a time when it will all be over. Adderley Village Hall once held events throughout the week, the bowling green hosted a number of matches each season and the Church hosted services, weddings, funerals and christenings. People came to the village all of the time.

With a view to looking forwards the Parish Council has commissioned a new information board pointing out the main points of interest and giving an overview of the village. To go with the board there are new finger posts which indicate the safe route to the church which minimises exposure to the A529.

The signs have been made out of recyclable material and it is intended that they will contribute to making the village a more welcoming place to visit.

Remembering VJ Day

We all remember the 75th Anniversary celebration and remembrance for VE day earlier this year. On 15th August it’s time to remember VJ Day. Japan’s surrender truly marked the end of the second World War and that period in history also saw the use of nuclear weapons for the first time.

While VJ Day doesn’t hold the same significance for us as it does for the Americans it marks a significant point in history and we are asked to take a moment to remember.

Scarecrow Trail 2020

Saturday has been a bit of a damp squib. Scarecrows have been put inside or covered in plastic. Not to worry, tomorrow promises to be a better day. In the meantime we’ve published the pictures from Friday (and a great set of pictures they are too). There’s a menu item going straight to the gallery or you can find it if you click the link below.

Scarecrow Trail Gallery


Adderley Scarecrow Trail 2020

Tomorrow is the big day. All scarecrows can come out to play by lunchtime and they will be available to view thereafter. Maps of the scarecrow trail will be placed in the bus shelter at the end of Rectory Lane in the morning. For those of you who want to download a copy there is a link at the end of this post.

There is no pathway to the scarecrow at South Lodge. Paul and Hilary Shepley welcome people to go and see their scarecrow but they have suggested that people drive down rather than risk walking along the side of the main road.

Please remember that social distancing rules still apply so go and see the scarecrows in your “bubbles”.

Please take pictures of yourselves and your scarecrows and we will put them into a gallery on the village website (if you don’t ming being on the Internet). Take pictures of your favourite scarecrows and send them in as well. Use the e-mail address.

One final thought: it was supposed to be a nice weekend but the Met Office now say that there is a 50% chance of showers on Saturday. You might want to have a contingency plan if your scarecrow isn’t waterproof (ours isn’t) and cover them over or take them into shelter on Friday night then put them out again once the weather situation becomes clear. 

Have fun!

JPEG of Scarecrow Trail

PDF of Scarecrow Trail

Re-opening The Playground

At the last Council meeting we decided to not open until there had been further relaxation of COVID restrictions. Based on the current requirements we would have to put in a cleaning regime and make sanitising available. In addition it would be very difficult to monitor.  

By not cutting the grass acts as a deterrent for using the playground. 

The Village Hall committee has agreed to keep the Hall closed for the time being. The situation is being monitored  and the Village Hall committee will address this again in August. If things change with the guidelines set by the government the Village Hall committee and the Parish Council will bring the review forward.