Adderley Heritage Launch a HUGE success

What a day we had.  Between 120 and 140 people came through the door during the day, with a packed hall for the opening speeches from Paul Nash on behalf of the Parish Council, Val Nash, Chair of the Heritage Project, a message from Christopher Corbet who is the patron of St Peter’s Church and member of the Corbet family, now living in Moreton Corbet,   and the real star of the show Geoff Butter, whose collection is what the Heritage project is all about.  Funded by Heritage Lottery, the safety and accessibility of the Adderley Heritage is secure for generations to come.

People came from far and wide, who grew up, went to school or lived in Adderley, as well as many of the current residents who wanted to find out more about their home village.  It was a day filled with memories, exclamations and laughter as people went through the archive and found pictures of their younger selves, friends, family or their ancestors.   Discoveries were made such as the photograph from 1880’s showing live bears on the lawn at the old rectory, a village brass band playing at a fete in 1884, photographs and the story of the family who came to live in Adderley after the First World War after visiting their relative a soldier convalescing at Raven House.  So many treasures to capture and cherish.  

Geoff brought thousands of pictures, maps and books as well as press releases and much more, and people attending brought their own memorabilia for us to borrow or add to the archive to share with everyone via the website.   

A few pictures of the day and the trail signs.  If you haven’t already, you may want to take the Heritage Trail starting at the village hall and walking via Station Road to the canal and church.  Tell us what you think on the Heritage website and more pictures will be loaded onto the Adderley heritage website archive eventually as Saturday will be part of our history won’t it? 

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