The Speed Checker is Back

People are often surprised by this BUT the Parish Council does not have the power to impose speed restrictions OR to initiate penalties for speed infringements. Whodathunkit!

BUT we can reflect the concerns of residents to the powers that be. To this end we have managed to  secure the use of the speed checker again in order to remind wayward motorists that it’s a 30 mile per hour zone on Green Bank AND to collect data on the number of infringements. This we can use to make our case for some official enforcement.

So keep your eyes open, watch your speed and let’s see what the speed checker says:

Picture by Marius Coulon

The Latest From Neighbourhood Watch


Note: if you have seen or heard anything which might relate to an incident in this report, please phone West Mercia Police on 101 and quote the appropriate OIS incident reference number. Thank you.

 Burglaries of Premises and Buildings other than Dwellings.

A green and yellow Dawes mountain bike and an orange and white mountain bike were stolen when a shed in Roden Grove, Wem, was broken into. The raid occurred at some time between 11-14 February but was not reported until Fri 19 Feb. (OIS 0258s 190216).

Between 9.30am/7.45pm on Thurs 18 February, a metal bar was taken from a garden shed at Coton, near Quina Brook, and used to attempt to break into a house. The offender/s were possibly disturbed. (OIS 0664s 180216).

Between Thurs/Sat 18-20 February, a garden shed at The Firs, Chester Road, Whitchurch, was broken into and a black bag of tools was stolen. (OIS 0229s200216). Overnight between 19-20 February, three sheds at a neighbouring property at The Firs, Chester Road, were broken into. A McCulloch chainsaw, a Titan hedge trimmer, a power drill and a paint stripper were among items removed. (OIS 0188s 200216).

A generator and a chainsaw were stolen when a workshop at Eaton on Tern was broken into between 10am/2.30pm Fri 19 February. (OIS 0477s 190216).

An attempt was made to break into a garage and outbuildings at Hopton, near Hodnet, during the day on Friday 19 February. (OIS 0709s 190216)

A repeat attempt was made to break into a bowling club in Victoria Road, Market Drayton, overnight between Sat/Sun 21-22 February. (OIS 0360s 220216)

Thefts of Purses

Around 2.30pm on Sat 20 February, a partially sighted shopper was in a busy charity shop in High Street, Whitchurch, with her niece. On two occasions a female stood close by while the shopper browsed the displays. When the shopper came to purchase a greetings card she found that the handbag on her shoulder had been unzipped and her purse had been taken. (OIS 0469s 200216).

Around 12.30pm on Mon 22 February, a shopper and a friend were in a supermarket in Maer Lane, Market Drayton. The shopper’s handbag was attached to her shopping trolley while she browsed the shelves and on returning to it, she found the handbag open and her purse was missing. The purse contained cash, cards and personal items. A male described as tall, dark haired and possibly in a suit, had been standing nearby. £500 was later fraudulently withdrawn from a cash machine near the supermarket. (OIS 0276s 220216)

Between 1-1.30pm on Tues 23 February, a shopper had withdrawn cash at a building society in High Street, Market Drayton and was in a charity shop in Green End with her daughter. A male described as white, about 5’6″/5’8″ tall, in his mid 40s and with short fair hair, stood nearby. The same male followed the couple into another charity shop. The shopper then found her purse was missing and saw the male leaving the shop. Cash and credit cards were taken. (OIS 0287s 230216)

Please remind neighbours and friends to be vigilant when in busy shopping centres and to ensure that purses, wallets and handbags are secure at all times, especially at cash points and checkouts. So far this month, Shropshire Police have recorded ten other thefts of purses, wallets and bank cards from shoppers in busy shops.

Important Alert from Neighbourhood Watch

Fraudsters have set up a bogus website claiming to be the official site of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) and are contacting members of the public, cold calling them and offering them the chance to invest in 65+ Bonds (also known as Pensioner Bonds).

Members of the public who are searching for the official website (for example on search engines) may be directed to the fake one which then asks them to supply contact information.

Victims are then receiving a follow up e-mail and/or phone call from the fraudsters who are requesting evidence of identity documents and bank account details either over the phone or by sending the victims fake forms to fill out. A common name that appears on the emails sent by the fraudsters is ‘Kevin Archer’.

Avoid being a victim of fraud:

  • Do not pass personal or banking information to companies that cold call you.
  • Please note that the only domain name (website address) that is legitimate is
  • National Savings & Investments (NS&I) do not make sales calls to potential customers (cold calls) so do not enter into discussion with cold callers claiming to be NS&I.
  • The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is committed to tackling all types of fraud and the Cyber Prevention and Disruption Team aims to do this by disrupting and taking down fake and fraudulent websites.
  • If you have been a victim of fraud or suspect a company of fraud please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via the online reporting tool at