Have You Spotted The Little Figure On The Right?

When you are using Adderley Parish website you may have noticed that there is a small icon of a little figure on the right hand side. If you scroll the page up and down the little figure always stays in view.

We’ve been working to make our website more accessible. If you click on the little figure it will open up some accessibility tools. You can increase the font size, change the contrast or even get a screen reader to read out the contents for you.

It’s not perfect yet but it’s a start and we are still busy behind the scenes trying to make it better. So if you’re struggling to access the website why not give it a go and see if it helps. Let us know what you think. 

In the meantime we will continue to try and improve access to Adderley Parish.

Halloween Special

Haloween Advert
Haloween Special at the Village Hall

Thursday evening at 6:00 join us at the Village Hall for a Trick or Treat around the village. Fun and games at the Haunted House.

Special Quiz Night on Thursday 21st November

Lymphona Action Logo
Lymphona Action Logo

The Adderley Village Hall Committee have again very kindly agreed to let us hi-jack the regular Village Quiz Night on Thursday 21st November 2019.

As usual the main object of the evening is to ridicule the Quiz Master and eat as much cheese as possible whilst raising money for a charity.

This year we are raising money for Lymphoma Action, the UK’s only charity dedicated to Lymphoma, the fifth most common cancer.   

Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer which can affect anyone at any age including children.  It is usually treatable.

Our target is £500.

Strictly teams of four. £5 per person to include a substantial Ploughman’s Supper. Joseph Heler provide the cheese so there is always plenty of it.  

Quality Raffle

Remember, Adderley Village Hall has a licensed  bar.  As we are getting the hall at a very much reduced rate it is only fair that we support the bar so please do not bring your own drinks and glasses.  The fun starts at 7.30 p.m.

No need to buy tickets – just book your team in with me – contact details below

Hope to see you there 

Contact Jane Rushton at 2 Corbet Drive 01630 655322 jane.rushton@live.co.uk

Great Night at Monday’s Harvest Supper

Monday’s Harvest Supper was a great fund raiser for St Peters. This annual event provided a very sociable evening with the volunteers providing everybody with great food.

As usual Ken Greetham aided and abetted by Simon and Brian led an entertaining and spirited auction and together with ticket sales an amazing £1600was raised for St Peters. Well done one and all and a special thank you both the the amazing volunteers behind the scenes and everybody who gave produce and gifts for the auction as well as  those who dug deep into their pockets to buy them.


We Need Your Help

The speed sign has disappeared from Green Bank! It’s in for repair. It’s been damaged by persons unknown.

I don’t think that there is any doubt that the speed sign has been a great asset in our fight to get people driving sensibly through Adderley both on Green Bank and on the A529. Not only does it provide a reminder to drive within the speed limit but it has provided us with the necessary statistics to underpin our argument for  better road design and road improvements through the village.

Unfortunately this is, by it’s very nature, a vulnerable piece of equipment and it has been damaged by somebody trying to rip off the solar panel that keeps it charged. They failed but in the process they have damaged the connections. 

We need your help. Please, keep an eye open for people acting suspiciously and messing around with the sign (when it returns). Simply call the police and let’s see if we can stop this and protect our sign. 

A quick heads up for Simon Cornwall who is repairing the sign as you read this. Many thanks Simon.

Defibrillator Training At The Village Hall

We have a defibrillator at the Village Hall. If the need arose would you know how to use it and perhaps save a life?

The Village Hall is offering Defib training and it’s available to everybody but places are limited:

The Defibrillator/CPR course will run over the two evenings of 15th & 16th October 2019, this is a two evening course and both evenings need to be attended.

We will start at 8pm and finish at 10pm both nights. To attend please give your names  to Marius Coulon:

01630 654295 / 07500024974