Parish Council AGM – May 20th at 7:30 in Adderley Village Hall

May 20th at 7:30 in Adderley Village Hall. It’s the Parish Council Annual General Meeting. This is a chance to comment on the Parish Plan – if you haven’t got one you can see a copy here – or for that matter anything with which you feel the Parish Council should be concerned.

Do you have views on what is happening in the village, come and air your views.

A copy of the Agenda for the meeting can be found here: Annual Parish and Annual Meeting 2015 (2)

Parish Plan – Have you got yours?

The Parish Council recently completed the Adderley Parish Plan. You should have received a hard copy through the post box in the last few days. If not you can download a copy here: Parish Planparish plan

The Parish Council have recorded their thanks to the members of the community who contributed to the plan. 

If you have any comments relating to the Plan you can contact the Parish Council via the website by leaving a comment below or directly by using the Contact Details.




Chairman: Councillor Marius D Coulon TD, MCGI, MIOD, MCMI, MBICSc 


On Wednesday 17th December 2015 the Adderley Parish Council held its most recent meeting.

This was preceded by a photo shoot of the Councillors and Clerk for Shropshire Council to launch the new Fibre Optic Broad Band that went live in Adderley on Thursday 18th December 2015.

After the photographs they got down to business and the first subject was that of broadband and the announcement, applauded by all, that Adderley would go live with fibre optics the next morning, this being after years of badgering the Council and maintaining pressure on the suppliers, it was agreed that this was a resounding success and thanked Shropshire Council for taking up our case.

Discussion was then held on the “Neighbourhood Watch Scheme” and that despite everyone having had a leaflet delivered to their door and the offer from the Parish Council to pay for the first two years membership, only 10 people had actually signed up. It was decided to further promote it on the Village web site and hope more sign up over Christmas.

Concerns were then discussed with regard to the Children’s playground surface and the clerk was asked to chase “Wicksteads” for their report so that the situation could be resolved and the surface repaired.

The Parish Plan was discussed and was agreed, this will now be published and put onto the web site for all to see. Cllrs Tydeman and Cornwall were thanked for their work on this.

We were pleased to confirm that the new village website was up and running at “” and are looking to stakeholders for content for their various pages.

It was agreed that we need to get three quotes for the hedge/grass cutting in the village as this had not been undertaken for a number of years, the Clerk will approach a number of companies to get these and a decision with regard to a supplier will be made at the next meeting.

It was requested that the Clerk contact The Highways Department with regard to the state of the Norton in Hales road and the fact that the edges needed to be repaired as cars are now in fear of getting stuck if they leave the road onto the verge.

A number of invoices were agreed and paid and it was agreed to keep the size of next year’s Precept the same as this years.

Cllr Tydeman then asked that two items be added to next meeting’s Agenda. These being the purchase of a new fuel tank for the Village Hall as the old one needs to be moved and no longer complies with present legislation.  Also the purchase of a defibrillator and the training of some staff on it.

This concluded the meeting. The Chairman wished all councillors a Happy Christmas and the meeting ended.


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