Thank You

A BIG thank you to everybody who helped to make last night’s visit by Santa and Mrs Claus such a big success. Santa  has approved the decorations and is sure that Rudolf will be able to find Adderley this year.

There was lots of fun and Santa took away lots of requests (and that was just from the grown ups) . Now we’ll all have to be good and stay on the nice list.

Adderley Shines – Again!

What an amazing collection of recycled and up cycled Christmas tree decorations. There are loads of them. We have felt stars (very cute!), willow stars, willow wreaths, plant pot bells and silver foil angels. Then there are wooden pictures and two amazing bird feeders. Lots more. Well done every body!

We will see you there tonight when Santa and Mrs Claus come to inspect the lights. Sooo exciting!

It’s Not ManySleeps!!!!

Can you believe it! It’s only sleeps until the BIG Switch On 21. Have you done your decorations for the tree? Are your lights ready to switch on around the house? Will you be lining the route to wave to Santa? Of course you have! What are you like? We’re so excited here we can’t wait. We will be plugging in our lights and testing, testing ready for Friday at 6:00. 

For details of the route click here

Don’t Forget Your Decorations

The tree is up! Now it’s time for decorations. We hope that you’ve made lots, just like last year. They make the tree look extra special. You can take them down to the village green any time from Sunday afternoon. You can either put them on the tree or put them in the box and we will put them higher up the tree for you.

Santa’s post box is also there so if you have any letters for Santa please put them in between now and Christmas week and we will make sure that they are forwarded on to Santa and the Elves.


Raising The Tree

It was cold, very cold and wet despite the apparent sunshine. However our determined tree raisers battled the elements and we have a tree. You can see how events unfolded below. It’s only a few sleeps now until Santa’s visit to give it his seal of approval so now is the time to get your decorations down to the tree. If you can’t reach to put them on then please leave them in the box under the tree and we will see that they make it onto the branches in time for Santa next Friday.

Adderley BIG Switch On For Christmas 21

So I bet you are getting as excited as us now, and we want to give you all the details of Adderley BIG SWITCH ON event on Friday 3rd December in Adderley Village.

Santa and VIP guest Mrs Claus (how honoured are we?)will be jointly doing the inspection of the external decorations at your house starting at 6:00 to make sure there is enough light for Rudolph to see on Christmas Eve when he and Santa bring your presents.     So,  get cracking with the decorations, and please ask if you need any help with this or if you have an elderly neighbour see if they would like to take part and need any help – its nice to be able to take part.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be lights, you could just decorate a window or doorway with something Christmassy.  

The Route and plan

The inspection will start from Station Road, go over to Adderley Hall Barns, then down St Peters Close, back along Green Bank, into Meadow Bank, down Rectory Lane to the main road, back along Corbett Drive and onto the Green.  Please have your lights on ready for inspection from 6.00pm, the elves will be helping Santa with the inspection.    

Then at around 7.00 pm we will all gather on the Green for the BIG SWITCH ON.  Once we have duly admired our beautiful village tree we will head into and around the village hall to enjoy some festive mulled wine and, possibly, a hot dog or a burger and rumour has it that the school may have a stall with iced biscuits.  (Just keep an eye on the elves though, they do love a mince pie or 5 and they are only really allowed one! ) 

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