Quizmas Goes International

The special guest presenters are revealed. Yes, we’re going international for our Quizmas quiz in aid of Hope House Children’s Hospice. Don’t forget this is a ticket only, online event just follow the link to get your ticket. Minimum £5 per household but feel free to donate more to this amazing charity.


Santa’s Visit

We’ve received a YouTube video of last night’s visit by Santa and the elves. 

Many thanks to Jonathan White for allowing us to use the video.

Copyright Jonathan White 2020

Santa Came To Adderley On Friday

What to say? The excitement! The socially distanced bubbles! The evening had it all. Didn’t people do well with their decorations? We’ve put together some pictures of Santa and his elves in a gallery and you can see it here:

We will be posting more pictures of the evening soon. If you have any pictures or videos you would like us to feature just send them with a message via the FB page @adderley village or email to webmaster@adderleyparish.co.uk

Santa Says Yes!

Adderley shines yet again, this time literally, and Santa says it’s going to light his way this Christmas. We’ve got his official certificate so we’re officially Christmas ready.

Santa said he was sorry not to be able to speak to the children about what they wanted for Christmas because of the Covid Rules. Instead he has put a post box by the tree for any Christmas letters and he will send an elf to pick them up on 23rd December at the very latest.

So – are we ready?

One sleep, just one sleep until he gets here to check out our lights!   Who won’t sleep tonight?   

Lights are up, polished and shiny and plugged in and ready for inspection

Village Tree is up, decorated and lights are on ready for switch on

Santa has been in touch to confirm he’s definitely coming with 4 elves

Listen out for the Christmas Music as Santa comes round, and make sure those elves see your Christmas lights to check they are working well.  

He should be around between 6.30 and 7.00 pm so be ready

Listen…?  What was that…? No, too soon.  Get to sleep now.


Only 4 sleeps left!!

Yes, we know, we can’t believe it either, but it really is only 4 sleeps now until Santa comes to Adderley to check out our christmas lights and switch on that beautiful Christmas tree for us. 

We thought we ought to just confirm the details for Friday now that we know what the new guidance is going to be for Covid.  

We’ve attached a map of the route Santa will travel, and he says he’s going to play lots of loud Christmas music, so you should be able to hear him coming.  As he comes past, switch on your lights so he can see them, and the elves can check them out.  Santa is starting his inspection at 6.30pm on Friday night; coming up Station Road, nipping down to the school and the roundabout for Adderley Barns, then back up to St Peter’s Court, then along Green Bank, into Meadow Bank, down Rectory Lane to the main road and lay-by, and then back up Rectory Lane, a sharp left into Corbett Drive, a quick inspection of lights up there and then over to the village green to check out the tree.  Santa says he should be at the tree by 7.00 pm.

Have you got children who are isolating and won’t be able to come out to see Santa?

 We know that some children in the village won’t be able to come out of the house to see Santa because they are isolating, but please let us know which houses these children are in, and we will do our best to let Santa know to slow right down and wave to them through the window.  Let us know by email to webmaster@adderleyparish.co.uk give an address and we will make sure Santa gets the information.  

Can I go down to the village hall to see Santa Switch on the Lights?

Christmas is a special time for everyone, but we hope you will understand if we ask that families with children are the priority for this year, and to avoid there being too many people, we are asking that only households with children go down to the village hall for 7.00 pm (as long as they feel safe to do so).  We ask that families stay socially distanced, and spread out around the tree so that everyone feels comfortable.  Santa and the elves will be wearing masks when they get to the village hall. 

All the grown ups can then amble down to admire our tree with its splendid lights at their leisure, after this, and then walk around the village in their family groups to admire the lights at people’s homes.