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WordPress: How to Post

Welcome to Adderley Parish WordPress Site. If you’ve come this far you are ready to make your first post – it’s easy. First though a few pieces of basic information. WordPress has three types of content: Comments, Posts and Pages.

Comments: anybody who is signed up to the Adderley Parish website can comment on a post. To sign up simply follow the link to “Register” in the sidebar on the right under “Actions”; you will be asked for a Username and an E-mail. By return you will get a password and a copy of the T’s and C’s. Once you receive these you can Log In and change your password to something more manageable. All contributions to the site are moderated so there may be a slight delay in seeing your comment published.

Pages: pages are fairly static and change only occasionally. They usually contain fixed information about places, organisations and people. To make changes to one of the pages you have to be an “Author”. If you want to be responsible for one or more of the pages then e-mail Marius or Daniel and they will arrange to set it up for you; it should only take a short while.

Posts: posts are the life blood of WordPress. Posts automatically appear on the home page and they can be about anything that is village related. To create a post you need to be a “Contributor” so send an e-mail to Marius, Daniel or Paul Nash and it will be set up for you; it should only take a short while. You cannot post to a specific page; all posts appear on the Home page.

How to post:

When you log in to the Adderley Parish website you will now see a black bar at the top of the screen with the word “+ New”. Place your mouse pointer over this OR if you are using a tablet tap the plus + sign. Choose the option to “Post”. You will go to the “Add a New Post” screen. Enter a title then click or tap in the text area below the title bar. Write up your post. When you have finished simply click or tap “Submit for Review” on the right. You will get a notification when your post is on line.


Please give your post a category by checking one of the Categories boxes on the right hand side. This will group posts on a given subject together and make it easier for people to find if, for example, they are looking for posts on a single subject, for example all posts on the village hall. If you feel that a tag is missing e-mail one of the site contacts and if appropriate one can be created for you.

Tags: Tags are optional but you might want to tag a post on a subset of a subject for example a post giving “Information” might have a subset of “road works”. It will make your post more easily searchable.

And Finally: If you want to add pictures send an e-mail with the picture attached to one of the contacts. If you think you might become a regular contributor – and we hope that you do – then let us know and we will set you up to upload your own pictures.

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