Parish Council Provides New Benches in the Village

Did you know that the playground is unbelievably well used by children in the village? Just wander by at the end of the school day and you will see parents and children having fun, and that’s the way it should be. For a while now the benches in the play area have been is an increasingly sorry state so we are pleased to have been in a position to provide new benches in this well used facility.

In addition, following requests from the parishioners we have been able to provide a further  bench in the old bus shelter at the junction of Green Bank and Station Road. The steady climb up to this point is challenging for some of our respected older  residents and it’s a pleasure to be able to provide a point of rest in the shelter (despite the lack of buses)

The Speed Checker is Back

People are often surprised by this BUT the Parish Council does not have the power to impose speed restrictions OR to initiate penalties for speed infringements. Whodathunkit!

BUT we can reflect the concerns of residents to the powers that be. To this end we have managed to  secure the use of the speed checker again in order to remind wayward motorists that it’s a 30 mile per hour zone on Green Bank AND to collect data on the number of infringements. This we can use to make our case for some official enforcement.

So keep your eyes open, watch your speed and let’s see what the speed checker says:

Picture by Marius Coulon

Dog Poo! Getting to the bottom of it.

At last night’s Parish Council it was Dog Poo (again) that took up some of the agenda. The vast majority of dog owners in Adderley are responsible owners. In fact it would seem that the vast majority of dog owners who visit Adderley are also responsible owners. There is always the exception and it’s those people to whom we are addressing our efforts.

On the way home from the meeting last night one of the councillors spotted this recent addition to the footpath outside the bowling club:









There is an informative piece on Pets4Homes with some ideas but it does highlight the fact that leaving your dog’s poo in the street is actually illegal.


At Last week’s Parish Council Meeting we received a report from the Helicopter Liaison Committee. The Helicopter Training School at Shawbury is taking delivery of a new fleet of helicopters to replace the existing  ageing models.

As a consequence the training staff will be receiving conversion training over the next few weeks so you may well notice increased activity in the skies over Adderley. This is temporary and things should return to normal after May if all goes to plan. If you have any concerns contact our representative on the liaison group, Councillor Andrew Swindale who can advise.

Contact details can be found on the Parish Council page of the website.


Local Elections Thursday May 4th

On Thursday May 4th Adderley will be going to the polls for both the Unitary Council and the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has 7 seats and there are 7 nominees so these seats will not be contested. The nominees are listed in the Statement of Persons Nominated below.

There are two nominees for the post of Unitary Councillor and this seat will be contested. You can see the Notice of Poll relating to the Unitary Councillor position below.

Notice of Poll – Unitary Councillor, Prees Division

SOPN Adderley

Parish Council Documents Now Available

Some of you will remember that our Parish Clerk, Jane, has been beavering away re-organising our Parish Council Documents. It’s taken a while but they’re about ready. You can now access all documents electronically going back to 2014 by clicking on the Parish Council tab then going to Historic Documents.

This has been a gargantuan effort of finding, sorting, scanning and publishing so we hope you find it useful.

Parish Council Meeting, Wednesday 4th January

There is a Parish Council Meeting tonight in the Village Hall, 7:30

You can see a copy of the agenda here: agenda-pc-7-04-01 and a copy of the minutes of the last meeting, held at the end of November here: Minutes

We are in the middle of re-organising the pages for the Parish Council so some items are in the process of being moved. We will let you know when all of the changes are complete.

Bus Services From Adderley Village

As people are aware we have no bus services from Adderley Village. In addition, the service from Market Drayton to Telford Hospital has now ceased. The Parish Council are actively looking at alternatives. Below are details of services currently offered by North Shropshire Wheelers. We need to know if people would make use of similar services that came to Adderley or were more easily accessible from Adderley with the aid of a short car drive.

Please contact the Parish Council, contact details are on the Parish Council page

Or fill in the contact form below

You can read more about Shropshire Wheelers Services by clicking on the two documents below: