Could you share the Quizmas Quiz with your family & friends to raise even more for Hope House?

The Adderley Quizmas raised an amazing £450 for Hope House Childrens Hospice – thank you to everyone who took part.  However, we have thought of a way to make this an even bigger donation if you are interested.

We wondered if you would like a copy of the quiz to share with family and friends and raise even more?  We’ve posted a link to the full quiz here on this page – just click to open the quiz and you can share it with loved ones as a bit of a challenge and some fun. 

Our only request is that you make a small donation to Hope House via this link   If you can reference Quizmas in your donation that would be great too but if not, just the fact that you are doing this would be an amazing thing for this wonderful charity.   To find out more about the wonderful work they do click on the video on Slide 3 in the quiz to hear Kat from Hope House talking about some of the amazing things they do for families in Shropshire.  

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN.  The more people who know about this, the more chance there is that we can raise even more for Hope House.  Thank you very much. When you see the file click on the download button on the toolbar.

Click Here To Download Quiz

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