Learning About St Peter’s

The Rev’d Michael Last writes to talk about the Open Evening at St Peter’s Church on 9th July.

Pictures by Marius Coulon.

On a beautiful summer evening in early July the Parochial Church Council (PCC), along with the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) held an open evening and tour at St Peter’s Adderley which was attended by about thirty people. The aim of the evening was twofold.

Firstly, to tell something of the story of St Peter’s Church and how it is linked into the community that surrounds it. You cannot, for example, tell the story of St Peter’s without including the way two key local families, the Corbets and the Kilmorys were so often at odds with each other for something like two hundred years; very often on different sides of key national events in the late Tudor and Stuart periods.

Secondly, to start developing a wider conversation about St Peter’s as a building that is grade 1 listed, but divided in two for many years. How does this building, as a whole, fit into the Adderley of the 21st Century? Not just as a parish church with a small faithful congregation, or as a museum to the past, that sadly not many people know of or fully understand, but as a living building that has a real part to play in the life of Adderley today?

We hope this will be an ongoing conversation – not just between the PCC and CCT but also with the wider community.


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