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St Peters South

To all nonsubscribers or new comers to Adderley village.

We invite you to subscribe £10 per annum to receive 11 copies of the monthly Village Crier. The magazine for the Amica Benefice which includes St. Peter’s Church.

The subscription for 2018 commences in February and can be paid cash or cheque in favour of St. Peter’s Adderley. If you wish for copies, your name should be given to either-

John Fishbourne, 01630 478369

Andrew Swindale, 01630 657268

or any Church official who will place you on the subscribers list, the magazine will then be delivered to your door.

If you’re new to Adderley, welcome: we think that you will find the magazine useful for telephone numbers for trades or services and for retail opportunities, together with Church Services and events.

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