We’re On The Move!

For the last four years the Adderley Parish website has been with one hosting service. The website has grown and it now has in the region of 1000 hits per month. Not a lot by the standards of big website but for Adderley with its population of 300+ that’s quite something.

We have big plans for the website so that it provides the information that parishioners want and let’s people do things that they can do elsewhere such as buying tickets for Village Hall events on line.

To make this happen we are moving to a new hosting service. The move should happen next week and could take up to five days (hopefully it will happen more quickly). If you find the website isn’t available for a brief period then the move will be the reason why.

So stay with us and we look forwards to bringing you a faster website with new features in the next week or so. Any questions you can contact us on 01630 695862 or send us a message on the Adderley Village Facebook page.

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