Yes! It’s Here – and we don’t mean Christmas!

Superfast Broadband arrives in Adderley

Just in time for Christmas we have heard the news today that cabinet 7 has finally gone live. The cabinet serves 110 premises in the village which means that from Monday you can contact your ISP and ask to be upgraded to Superfast Broadband.

It’s important to remember that if you are an existing DSL broadband customer then an upgrade will not just happen: you have to request it. Not all ISPs will be able to supply the new service from day 1 but you need to ask the question.

How fast is superfast? Well that all depends on how far you are from the green box but up to 500 meters away you should get the very best service available. After that the highest speed will drop roughly every 500 meters but even people who are 2.5 kilometres away from the cabinet should get a service, which means people who haven’t had a service before.

So after eight years of coaxing, cajoling and complaining finally Adderley village joins the twenty first century. Let’s make the most of it.

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