Alert! Alert! Strange rabbit spotted in the village!

We’ve been informed that a very splendid looking Peter Rabbit has appeared in the village at the Book Shelter.  We’ve been down to have a chat with him and it appears that he has heard about the Painted Stone Hunt and thinks its a splendid idea.

He was a little shy but we managed to capture this picture of him and we must say he is looking pretty good.  A very handsome fellow indeed.  Say hello if you are passing that way, and he has said he will keep an eye on the Clue Maps when we put them in the Book Shelter ready for you to pick up any time from Good Friday morning.  Only two more sleeps!!

He’s also hoping you will have a chat with him and admire his new blue coat, when you drop off your completed Clue sheet in the postbox which will be just near to him.  Oooh this is looking like being a fun Easter!




Peter Rabbit at the Book Shelter

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