Message from Peter Rabbit

Very excited, after we spoke to Peter this morning down at the Book Shelter, he got back in touch to say he loved the idea of the Painted Stone Hunt and that he’d spoken to his cousin the Easter Bunny and wanted to ask us a favour,  so of course we said yes!   

Apparently the Easter Bunny thinks he is going to have a few small eggs left over from the Easter Egg Hunts around the world and has asked Peter and friends if they would be willing to accept them.  Peter’s had a chat with his mates and they’ve said they will do the Painted Stone Trail and drop the odd egg off if they find the hiding place of a stone.  We were bit worried about covid rules but he assures us that they all have rabbit sized disposable gloves and will wear these when they put the eggs out and they all regularly sanitize their paws too.  How good is that? 

So we don’t know when the eggs will be out but if you are one of the lucky people who finds a stone just after a rabbit has been by – you can add it to your Easter Egg collection!    Peter says not all the rabbits will hunt at the same time, they are very busy doing other things like digging burrows, but they will definitely be out at different times over the Easter weekend so lots of chances to pick up an extra egg if you do the hunt.    He’s shown us a photo of the eggs they will be leaving and assures me that they are very tasty (he had a lot of chocolate around his mouth so I believe he has been taste testing!)

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