Did You Go? Did You See?

Who went down to St Peter’s on Sunday (St Peter’s Day) to have a look around the church and enjoy a scone and a cup of something? We did and it was amazing. Not only did they have a great scarecrow but there was time to have a look at the part of the church that is usually closed up and to take in some of the history.

Did you know that there are memorials to the Needhams (Viscount Kilmorey) and the Corbet family in Adderley Church? John de Nedeham from Cheshire was MP for London. He was also Justice of Chester and Flint and Sergent at Law and Justice of Lancaster. He took the lease from a John Marston for the manor of Shavington and lands of Shavington, Pylesdon, Hole, Wylaston, Mylneheth, Twemlow, Adderly and Botestoen at a rent of £12 3s 4d (13s and 4d is about 65p). He so liked Shavington that he purchased in in 1461.

One of John’s relatives, Robert Needham, was knighted in 1594 and became Sherrif of Shropshire 1606 and was mad Viscount Kilmorey in 1625 by King Charles 1st.

This is why we have memorials to Needhams and Kilmoreys in Adderley Church. More recently the Corbet Family lived in Adderley and it is the Corbets that created the trust which allows us to use the land where there is the Village Hall, the bowling green and the play area.

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