It’s About Taking Part

The most enormous thank you to everybody who took part in the Scarecrow Trail this year. The weather wasn’t always our friend but there were wonderful scarecrows and people who went to see had a lovely time. Here are some of the lovely comments that we received:

  1. Just wanted to say that all the scarecrows look great and we have loved doing the trail
  2. There are so many fab scarecrows this year.  Well done for keeping it going I’m sure everyone is getting enjoyment from them
  3. I just wanted to say thankyou to you and the team for organising the scarecrow trail.  After only moving here a few months ago our kiddos have already made so many lovely childhood memories.  Thank you for your thought and all the hard work.
  4. Hi, we have been on a little stroll with the dogs and everyone has made such an effort with the scarecrows – love living here!
  5. Just done the trail with the grandchildren and they have had so much fun working out what each one is – thank you everyone its been great
  6. We’ve had family over for the first time since before lockdown and they have loved the scarecrows and doing the trail.  Thank you to everyone who made such an effort!

Even something as simple as a scarecrow trail can make a big difference to a lot of people so whether you made a scarecrow or whether you just went around and supported give yourselves a round of applause you are amazing.

The galleries are complete. You can find them here:

We think we caught everybody’s scarecrow but if we didn’t (sorry) let us know and (better still) send us a picture and we will add it in.

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