Help Needed to keep Adderley In Bloom


Barry’s colourful planting displays around the village are a joy.  Barry, over the years, has supplied, planted and lovingly cared for them BUT, Barry has had the misfortune of breaking his leg which has left him unable to tend his pots.  The plan is to reduce the number of pots until such time as Barry is able to look after them again.

We need small groups of volunteers for each location to tend the plants to keep the village lit with colour.

Adderley Parish Council have invested in some planters with water reservoirs to be distributed around the village which will replace many of the existing pots.  The Parish Council will supply the compost and Barry has ordered the plants.  

Calling residents at the following locations:-

  • Station Road – 2 planters
  • Green Bank – 2 planters
  • Meadow Bank – 4 half planters (there is possible access to a water tap)
  • Rectory Lane – 2 half planters – (there is access to a water tap)
  • Bus Stop Library area – 2/3 planters and 2 half planters – (there is access to a water tap)
  • Church – 4 pots & 2 planters – (there is access to a water tap)
  • Village Hall – 5 half planters *NB – as a safety measure there are several pots placed along the front edge of the hall which will remain temporarily but will need attending – (there is access to a water tap)

There is only one thing worse than an empty flower pot and that’s a pot filled with dead flowers! If we cannot care for the plants they will have to be removed, a loss for the village and a heartbreak for Barry. 

Planting starts in May so if you can help keep Adderley in Bloom please phone 

Barbara Slack  01630656903  BEFORE 5TH MAY.

Or chat with Lesley Norman, Angela & Richard  Milhill          



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