Its all happening in Adderley this year!

Over the next few days you should receive through your door a sheet of information about the ideas we have for activities over the summer in the village.  Here’s a copy if you have somehow missed out.

We really hope you will feel you want to be involved in some, or all of these, starting with the Painted Stone Hunt over the Easter Weekend.  It’s going to be a fun family or individual activity with lots of clues to find beautifully painted stones,  hidden around the village for you to locate.  When you find a stone, you replace it carefully in its location but use the What3Words App on a smart phone to note its unique location on your treasure hunt map.

What3Words is the App being used by emergency services to help locate people who are lost or injured and in need of help.    The emergency services are all encouraging as many people as possible to download this app on to their phones.  Its an amazing app which has created a unique ID for every 3 square metres in the world! Here’s some more information about the App for those of you who haven’t heard of it yet.    

However, before we get to the Hunt we need some volunteers to paint the stones that will be hunted.  We would love some unique designs and hope you will be able to offer to do this for us.  Details are on the reverse of the sheet posted through your letterbox if you would like a stone dropping off to paint for us.

The clues are already being written and the map will be available nearer the Easter weekend, either downloaded from the website here, or a paper copy of the map can be picked up from the Book Shelter in the village.  We will let you know via the website and Facebook when they are ready to be picked up.  

Adderley – nice place to be!



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