Letters To Santa

Sooo, I was walking across the green by the Village Hall when I saw something that hadn’t been there yesterday. It hadn’t been there the day before either. I went across to have a look. 

“What’s this?” I said to Snowman.

Snowman didn’t say anything he just waved to somebody I couldn’t see and stared across the car park as if to say, “Nothing to do with me Governor” 

I took a  closer look; on the front in bold letters it said, “Santa’s Post Box”. Underneath in smaller letters it said, “Last Delivery 25th December 12:00”.

Oh! I thought, that’s sounds important especially for any small people in the village. So I rushed home as quickly as I could and set about letting everybody know so that they will be able to bring their letters for Santa in time for the last date for deliveries to the North Pole.

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