Meat Deliveries In Adderley – Starting 2nd April

Chris and Lois McDermott have been talking to Mr Shepley who has a butcher’s shop in Market Drayton. At this time, when shopping is becoming more difficult for some of us, he is happy to make deliveries in Adderley.

I have spoken with Mr Shepley again this afternoon and we have finalised arrangements for the delivery of meat and other products to Adderley residents.

There will be ONE delivery per week on Thursdays and orders must be placed on the Wednesday.

  • Deliveries will start on THURSDAY next week (02/04/20)
  • All orders must be EMAILED to between 8am and 10am     on WEDNESDAYS (The reason for placing a collective order is so that Shepley’s are         not inundated with individual phone calls or trying to match orders to answerphone          messages.
  • With your order please give your full name, address and telephone number and any         specific instructions for delivery.
  • Orders should be a minimum of approximately £20.
  • Payment will be by mobile card machine, cheque or cash
  • Do not feel obliged to place an order every wee.

Hopefully this will work but we will just have to try it and see. I will pass on any information about meat prices and products as and when I receive them. Please feel free to pass on this information to others who live in Adderley.

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