Neighbourhood Watch Update – Scam Alert January 2015

Phone call

It would appear that the scammers are out and about early as West Mercia Police have received two reports of scams in the Force area.

The first one involved calling a person stating they were from the Ministry of Justice claiming that there is a substantial cheque waiting for you but first you have to obtain some money which will be collected by a courier after you have confirmed that you have the cash, about £280.

The caller is a very convincing person with an English name and an Asian accent.

If in doubt please contact the Police Control Room on 101 as this potential victim wisely did.

E mail

The second scam involves Natwest mentioning that it has upgraded its Security machinery.  It invites the person to log in to find out more.  Please do not do this.

Age UK has produced an excellent booklet on how to avoid the scams.  A good bit of bedtime reading. www.age uk

www.action fraud also would like to know if you have been a victim of a scam

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