So Many Smiles, So Many Thank Yous

The volunteers worked their socks off but it was worth it there were so many smiles. Everybody had a great time at the Coronation Big Breakfast. The first people were through the door  before the eggs were ready but no matter it was great to see them. From then on until just after 11:00 it was a steady stream of hungry people in through the door and happy people going out.

We had a raffle for some Coronation Mugs and the lucky winners were:

Margaret Smith

Geryl Cope

Keith Mycock

Maggie Roche

Carol Weaver

The mugs are making their way to you for a place in your memorabilia cabinet.

We must say a special thank you to the NPTB volunteers were were not only there the night before to set up but were hard at work from 7:30 prepping and cooking for a 9:00 start:

Leslie Norman

Barbara Slack

Emma Talbot

Val Nash

Hillary Shepley

Maria Mindak

Geryl Cope

And a special mention for John Norman and Peter Slack who helped to set up and to all those who dropped in to move the odd table and chair and to fetch and carry.

We must also say thank you to everybody who came and enjoyed their Big Breakfast for without you it just wouldn’t happen.

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