Adderley Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Well, it’s the weekend, its raining, you are bored, you want a mini project, or you just want to give the children something to do.  Why not use this opportunity to create your own decoration for the village Christmas tree using natural, or recycled household items?  

We would love to have every home represented on the tree and we don’t want it to cost you a lot, and we though you might like to give yourself a pat on the back for doing some recycling too!  Our very talented Lesley Hartnell has been busy creating some really simple ideas to inspire you below, but you can go wild and do something extravagant or exotic to really rev up the decorations if you want to.  We would love that.  Just remember they will need to be weatherproof and windproof though.  

(Val Nash is going to put some bare willow garlands and a couple of stars outside Willow Lodge in Green Bank for people to pick up if they like the idea but don’t want to make the natural ones themselves.  Keep an eye open!) 

Have a look at the ideas below and PLEASE, read the instructions below the gallery as we want to be sure your creations are credited and also, allow people who may not be able to get down to see the tree if they are shielding or housebound, to enjoy seeing who took part.  We really want everyone to feel part of this, event whether they can get out or not, so please offer to help anyone who may be struggling or isolated to take part.  Thank you!


Take a moment to take picture of yourselves making the decoration then when the tree is up and the lights are in place (after weekend of 28th/29th November)  go down and hang your decoration. Once again, don’t forget to take a picture then send them into and we can have a gallery of your creations.


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