Adderley Village Hall 59’ers Club

We have a very successful “Adderley Village Hall 59’ers” lottery club which has been running for many years to help raise money for maintenance of the village hall. 

It’s an easy way of offering your support, with the added benefit of the chance to win £30 each week!  A donation of £1per week (payable in 10 week blocks by BACs, cash or cheque) gives each member a number between 1 and 59.  Each Saturday the National Lottery Bonus Ball is used to identify the lucky winner.

Could it be you next week?

We currently have 4 numbers unallocated, so if you would like to join just get in touch with me and I will add you to the group and let you know what your number is going to be. 

We are incredibly grateful to all the people who support us through the 59’ers club and hope you may consider joining them. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this light-hearted fundraiser.   Please contact me via any of the routes below and thank you for your support.

Please ring or email Ken Greetham   Mob: 07703 632233

Or ask me when we are walking around the village with Stanley, our big black Labrador                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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