Decorating our tree and supporting the planet too!

You will remember last year that we invited everyone in the village to make a decoration to hang on the Christmas Tree on the Green.  In this year of focus on saving our planet and trying to be greener we would like to invite you to create your own decoration again.  So…….

  • Perhaps you would like to help our wildlife through the winter by making some seeded ornaments to hang on the tree for the birds to enjoy over the the winter.  
  • Or you may see alot of plastic waste in your recycling that you might be able to convert into a stunning Christmas decoration to remind us that we should be recycling our waste, 
  • or you may have a decoration that you were going to throw away this year that you think might cheer us up as we view our wonderful tree.  

The possibilities are endless but at the end of this article we are posting some links to a few ideas for you if you are like us and need inspiration!  

Links.  Bird food ideas:

Recycled plastic Decorations: this video  and  this video    on you tube also links to a number of ideas for things to make out of plastic bottles – don’t forget its a big tree so big decorations are welcome!

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