Santa is coming to Adderley

Oh my goodness!  Its getting closer!   SwitchOn is nearly here.  In fact its only NINE more sleeps until Santa is coming to check out our lights and Switch on our Christmas Tree.  I don’t know about you, but the excitement in our house is mounting all the time!  Decorations to make, windows to decorate and lights to put up in the garden……  Its just non-stop!

When is the tree going up for our decorations?

Its all hands on deck this Saturday morning (28th Nov) when some volunteers are getting together by the village hall to raise the tree and anchor it in position.  After that they will put a temporary fence around the tree ready for you to come down on Sunday morning (29th Nov) to hang your decorations on the tree. 

When can I put my decoration on the tree?

If you can come down between 10.00 am and 1.00pm on Sunday morning there will be someone there to help you but if you can’t make it then, please leave your decorations in the box in the Bus Shelter at the end of Rectory Lane and we will pick them up to take down and hang on the tree.  If you can put your name on your decoration that would be lovely.  Please make sure you have attached something that will allow you to tie your decoration on to the tree securely.  It can get very windy down there and we don’t want to lose yours.

What about the decorations at my house?

We really want everyone to have their Christmas lights and any Window Wonderland displays ready for the big SwitchOn on Friday 4th December.  We think he will start his tour at about 6.30 on Station Road and then visit all the roads in the village from there.   Santa has been in touch and confirmed that he is definitely coming to inspect our Adderley lights display – so exciting.  He will tour around the village, with some of his elves and as he goes past he wants you to put on your Christmas lights so that he can check they are going to be bright enough for Rudolph to see on Christmas Eve. 

Can I go down to watch Santa switch on the lights on the tree at the village hall?

We would love to say yes!  But right now we are unsure what the rules are going to be about public gatherings, so we are suggesting that houses with children have priority, and, if they feel its safe to do so, parents can take their children down to the Green for just before 7.00pm, stay socially distanced and watch Santa do the SwitchOn.  We are asking all other adults to stay away, and perhaps come down later in the evening to admire the tree and amble around the village to see everyone’s lights and window displays in a safe and socially distanced way. 

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