Last week we posted information about communications from BT saying that they thought we were leaving them for another supplier. We later learned that people with Sky were also affected by these spurious e-mails. If you missed it you can read the piece here.

We contacted BT who said they didn’t know who had requested the change (companies can do that?) but they had cancelled it. Then on Wednesday we had a letter through the post telling us, again, that we were leaving BT. We contacted them again and, yes, the system said we were leaving to a company called IVS, who don’t seem to exist. This time we escalated, got an apology and reassurances that it was definitely cancelled.

What happened next? We were put in touch with OfCOM. They told us that the practice was called Slamming where a third party cancelled your line without your permission and then offers you a new service. How can this happen? OfCOM are now investigating. If you have been a victim of this Slamming you are urged to contact OfCOM 0207 981 3040. They were very helpful and have promised a response in the next 5 days. We wait and see.

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