This Is NOT A Scam

When we received the following e-mail from BT our first thought was “It’s a scam” but it included our account number and an accurate reflection of charges. So we phoned BT. BT said they didn’t know anything about it but confirmed that someone, they didn’t know who, had applied to transfer our line from BT to themselves. To ease the transfer of telephone lines between suppliers it’s possible for a third party to transfer a telephone service without going directly to the current supplier. This is what has happened in this case. But who? The only clue was the acronym WLR!

WLR refers to Wholesale Line Removal and it’s part of the Big WLR switch off and refers to the removal of PSTN as BT changes over to an all fibre network.  It’s our guess, and it’s only a guess, that as part of the change to full fibre to the home somebody has flagged these lines as ready to be changed over and the software has issued the e-mail.

Don’t ignore this message. IT applies not only to BT but also to any service provider who uses BT circuits and that’s pretty much all of them. If you are somebody who only checks e-mail once a week then we suggest you check your e-mails. Then contact your service provider. We know of at least one other person in Adderley who has received an e-mail and they were with Sky.

If possible, let us know and we will see if this is a problem across the whole of Adderley or just one or two customers. Just drop us a line to

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