Thank You Barry

For many, many years Barry has brought joy to all of us with his beautiful displays of flowers around the village and at the church.  

Frequently Barry has been seen head down amongst his blooms, planting and tending his numerous pots and not only in the summer, at the end of the season Barry was once again replanting to bring colour to the village to brighten our lives during the dreary months of winter.  Unfortunately Barry has had the misfortune to break his leg and is no longer able to tend to his flowers.  

We all wish him a speedy recovery. 

The Parish Council has stepped up and made a great contribution in purchasing some large tub planters which have been installed around the village.   

Barry, our resident flower guru is now taking a back seat, so a call was made to volunteers to take on the planting and upkeep of the planters to continue Barry’s wonderful work.   We are 18 volunteers, a big thank you to you all.    Can you imagine that all this was done by one man! 

What a fantastic service Barry has given to the village.  His unwavering enthusiasm, his energy and tireless generosity over the many years is appreciated by us all and we, the residents of Adderley would like to thank him profusely for all he has done and for any plant advice he can give us in the future.

Thank you Barry!

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