Update from the Easter Bunny – Change of Plan

Dear All

Sadly,  the request yesterday to older children  to stop taking the Easter eggs from the nests leaving nothing for the young children was ignored.  My rabbit friends tell me that they are still taking the eggs from The Green, playground and main road area.     

Sadly, with all the stolen eggs we have had to replace, we have run out of eggs early and we wont have enough to replace the eggs after this morning.  

But don’ worry, we have a cunning plan!!  It means you can still have fun doing the trail if you haven’t already.  In each hiding place you will find a white stone with a number on it.    DO NOT REMOVE THE STONE FROM THE HIDING PLACE.   Write down the number on your clue sheet next to that clue and when you have finished, PUT YOUR NAME AND A CONTACT NUMBER ON YOUR SHEET AND POST IT  AT Willow Lodge on Green Bank and I and my friends will collect your form and deliver an easter egg or chocolate to you when I get some fresh supplies.   

Hope you have fun and so sorry that you wont have chocolate to eat on the way round, but hope you will enjoy solving my clues anyway.  

Best wishes

The Easter Bunny



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