Switch On only 10 days away! WE NEED YOU!

Well, its exciting times here in Adderley.  We’ve just heard that the village Christmas Tree (kindly provided by Adderley Parish Council) is being delivered and erected on the Green this Friday.  This means you only have 10 days from now until 2 December before Santa comes to visit us and remember we have to cheer him up.  Mrs Claus is relying on us to show him that we have a good christmas spirit here in Adderley.  Don’t forget to fill in your red parcel tag, delivered to every home (spares in the Book Shelter)  with a message about how you have kept the spirit of Christmas in Adderley. 

Bring your tag and give it to Santa or hang it on the tree in the village hall on 2nd December so he can read it and know the magic is here and will make those reindeer fly on Christmas Eve.    WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU ALL!!

Click below and you can download the flyer with more information

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